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Golden Goose – Genie Gems slot game

Golden Goose – Genie Gems slot game Description – This is a 20 pay line slot game that offers a coin range from 1 cent to $1 per line bet. A maximum bet of 200 coins is allowed and a max coin bet that is a $200 bet. This version of Genie Gems slot game is a more advance game compared to its original game that offered only 5 paylines and no special features.

In Golden Goose Genie Gems, you have a bigger and more fun filled game to play that has loads of bonus rounds and special features. Some of the symbols in the game are “diamonds, lamps, rugs, castles and swords, all items that you would associate with a Genie their legends. A wild symbol is included in the game which is represented by the “genie” icon. This symbol will substitute for all other symbols in the game and will win you a coin jackpot of 8000 coins if you hit 5 of these gems. Scatter symbols are also included in the game and hitting three or more of them will win you a special coin prize including the highest prize of 400 xs’s your bet for hitting 5 of them!

Golden Goose – Genie Gems slot game Play – To play the Golden Goose part of this game you need to bet a “Golden Goose max bet” that has its own spin button that says “250 coins”. This bet will allow you to play in all ‘4” of the different bonus rounds that the golden goose will offer you during the game. This bet is well worth the coins because the golden goose pops up randomly and often, and the bonus rounds that you get to play are fantastic and worth some big coin prizes! Some of the bonus rounds include, free spins with multipliers, coin prizes and a pick an egg screen where you choose 5 eggs and each is worth cash prizes. I really enjoyed playing this game and it’s much more fun that the standard version that has no special features to look forward to! Microgaming Online Casinos were looking to add something extra into some older fan favorite games and they succeeded in making Genie’s Gems a great new slot machine with fantastic prizes.