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Gambling at casinos over has increased each year, and with more tribal casinos opening the popularity has grown leaps and bounds. Online casino gambling has also increased in popularity as the tribal casinos had such low payouts but gamblers wanted to play, so they would join the online casino sites which have similar odds to Nevada’s casino standards.

Of course the government in the United States seen a huge loss in taxes which is required to pay on gambling wins exceeding 1200.00, they decided to try and shut down the online casino sites. They were successful in putting some of the online casinos out of business but the strong did survive, but they moved out of the US market for the most part. Today the online casinos have some of the best casino games with amazing payouts, and players are enjoying this form of entertainment. While the US does not allow citizens to play online, other countries have embraced it.  We have provided a list of the best online casino gambling sites with some awesome promotions.