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Playing Online Video Poker

Video Poker is an online game that requires a considerable amount of skill. In many ways, it bridges the divide between the table games and slot machines. Played effectively, these types of games offer much better odds for the player than typical slots games. With the increasing popularity of such games over the past several years, more and more online gaming casinos have begun adding these machines to their lineup.

When video poker was first introduced in the late 1970s, the only variation offered was Jacks or Better. Today however, there are no less than 100 different varieties of online video poker available.

The video version of the game is derived from the game of draw poker, and the rules are virtually identical, with the only difference being that you are not playing against other players. The machine will also deal out five cards, and players will be allowed to choose a new hand. If you want to keep the hand you are dealt you simply push the hold button. Hitting the deal button lets you discard the cards and change them for a new set. The outcome of the hand will determine whether you win or loss the online video poker game.