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What You Should Know About The Roulette Equipment

Roulette is really quite a simple game, which makes it a bit of a mystery why so many myths surround it. Some of these myths have to do with the roulette wheels and how it can affect the outcome of the casino game. What you should know about these roulette wheels is that they are checked, calibrated, and repaired so often and so carefully that there is very little chance of any irregularities affecting the results of the game in any significant manner. With regard to the dealer signatures, there is simply no way that any one could have the hand to eye coordination required to measure the ever-changing speed of the wheel, and then anticipating the path that the roulette ball will follow when it leaves the rim. It is also virtually impossible for anyone to predict how the ball will react to the bumpers and frets on the roulette wheel as it bounces around between the grooves.